Bob Wiley Receives a Dean’s Teaching Fellowship

Bob Wiley, a fifth year PhD student, has been awarded a Dean’s Teaching Fellowship to teach an upper-level undergraduate seminar entitled “Writing Matters: Written Language and the Brain,” a course of his own design. It will be offered in the 2017-18 academic year. Congratulations, Bob!

Course description: Written language is undoubtedly one of humanity’s greatest inventions, providing the basis for most all other human innovations. What are the capacities of the human mind that enable written language? How does literacy change the brain? Do differences in writing systems affect how humans learn and process written language? These and other questions will be addressed by examining evidence from experimental studies of individuals with typical written language processing, as well as neuropsychological studies of brain-injured individuals. Throughout the course you will build and revise a cognitive architecture, a theory of how humans process written language, based on the current understanding of the cognitive and neural bases of literacy.