Neurotherapeutics Research Coord, Harvard Med/Massachusetts Gen Hospital

Seeking candidates interested in Deep Brain Stimulation research for psychiatric disorders to fill three positions in the Martinos Center, part of the Massachusetts General Hospital in Charlestown, MA. Below are the job postings for the three Clinical Research Coordinator IIs; one position is more specialized towards computational tasks, analyzing time series and electrophysiology datasets whereas the other two focus on neuroimaging modalities including fMRI and DTI. Clinical opportunities to shadow clinicians and patient interaction are also available. The lab is under the supervision of Dr. Alik Widge, MD PhD, Dr. Thilo Deckersbach, PhD and Dr. Darin Dougherty, MD in the Division of Neurotherapeutics.

Please note that we require 1 year of research experience not associated with academic credit.

Clinical Research Coordinator II positions in the Division of Neurotherapeutics