Dr. McCloskey Receives 2016 Excellence in Advising Award

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Dean Beverly Wendland, Dean of the Krieger School of Arts and Science, announced the winners of the 2016 Excellence in Teaching and Excellence in Advising Awards on May 2, 2016.

Dr. Michael McCloskey was bestowed with the Undergraduate Faculty Advising Award. This award is given to honor a faculty member in the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences who has demonstrated a dedication to undergraduates and their education though excellence in advising. Below are a few quotes from some students who nominated him:

“As a freshman with an undeclared major, I spent quite a bit of time getting to know my professors to get their opinions. When it came down to talking about majors, Dr. McCloskey painted a robust image of what cognitive science is. He took the time to explain his own path in the field and why he chose that major. He gave me the opportunity to be a research assistant in his lab in order to let me experience what the major is about all for myself.”

“Professor McCloskey’s commitment to undergraduates is not restricted to the members of his lab. A large part of his research is in the field of cognitive neuropsychology, which involves the study of individuals with brain damage to help understand how cognitive functioning (and malfunctioning) relates to the brain. He includes an extracurricular Brain Lab, where students can interact with a real human brain specimen. I have assisted with the Brain Lab several times, and the excitement of the students is palpable. Professor McCloskey will often invite a patient he is working with to come to class, which puts a human face on the scientific questions students have been studying. He strives to give students a chance to experience science in action.”