Jeremy Purcell Receives a Teaching Postdoctoral Fellowship

Jeremy Purcell was awarded a Teaching Postdoctoral Fellowship to teach “Windows to the mind: A Survey of neuroimaging methods for exploring cognition,” an upper-level undergraduate seminar he designed. It will be offered in Fall 2017. Congratulations, Jeremy.

Course Description: Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is currently the most popular neuroimaging technique for studying the how the brain represents mental operations. MRI serves as an incredibly versatile window into how the brain is structured and functionally operates. In this class we explore this versatility by surveying different applications of MRI data including both structural and functional MRI techniques. This course will be a mixture of lecture and in-class practical exercises in a computer lab environment. Each student will be familiarized with basic software associated with MRI data processing, and will be exposed to both traditional and advanced methods of fMRI data design and analysis.