Awards and Honors for Bob Wiley

This month, graduate student Bob Wiley received a wave of accolades and commendations, and for good reason! He was announced as the recipient of two fellowships and a travel award, in addition to already holding a Dean’s Teaching Fellowship to teach a course in Fall 2017.

The Dingwall Foundation named Bob the recipient of the Dissertation Fellowship in the Foundations of Language (2017-18), awarded to only 2 doctoral students this year to work on their dissertations in the field of cognitive, clinical and neural foundations of language. Bob was selected based on his excellent academic record, strong letters of recommendation and a high caliber of research. We congratulate Bob for this achievement! One day soon, his name will appear here alongside all the previous Dingwall fellows.

Additionally, the new JHU Center for Medical Humanities and Social Medicine selected Bob as a 2017-18 Graduate Fellow.

And let’s not forget to recognize that Bob also was also given a student travel award by the Society for the Neurobiology of Language to attend their Ninth Annual Meeting in November 2017.

Congratulations, Bob!