Yuan Tao Receives a Teaching Postdoctoral Fellowship

Yuan Tao was awarded a Krieger School Science Teaching Postdoctoral Fellowship to teach “Decoding the Brain: Multivariate Analysis in Computational Cognitive Neuroscience” in Fall 2018. Congratulations, Yuan! This award will provide full-time support for Yuan to teach her original course. We anticipate this course will be of great interest to Cognitive Science and Neuroscience majors with computational interests.

Course Description: Neural decoding through Machine Learning has become an ever-important tool for neuroscientists to understand how the brain processes information. This course introduces students to this exciting field by combining seminar style lectures and hands-on practice sessions. The course will be organized around a number of corner-stone applications in cognitive neuroscience, including face recognition, neural representation of word meaning, decoding mental states. During the practice sessions, students will learn to replicate the published findings with off-the-shelf software (prior programming knowledge could be helpful not required). By the end of the course, the students will be familiar with the principal methods and applications of neural decoding, and will acquire hands-on experience and practical skills of data analysis. (Prerequisite: Statistical Analysis I)