CogSci PURA Recipients, 2019-20

Cognitive Science majors Subin Han ’21, Peter Zhu ’21, and Coleman Haley ’20 received PURAs (Provost’s Undergraduate Research Awards). These $3000 fellowships will help fund their independent research projects in the coming year.

Their projects will be presented at DREAMS on April 24, 2020 or DREAMS 2021 (date TBD) to the Hopkins community.

  • Subin Han ’21 (double major in psychology), “What is the ‘shape’ in shape bias?” with Chaz Firestone, Assistant Professor of Psychological & Brain Sciences
  • Peter Zhu ’21 (double major in psychology), “What is a dax?”: 17- to 48-month old infants’ use of disjunctive syllogism in word learning” with Justin Halberda, Professor of Psychological & Brain Sciences
  • Coleman Haley ’20 (double major in WSE – Computer Science), “Word, Words, Worded: Using Neural Networks to Understand How We Learn to Use Words” with Colin Wilson, Professor of Cognitive Science