ESTEEM Graduate Program, Notre Dame

Posted: December 9, 2019

The ESTEEM Graduate Program  is a one year Professional Master’s in Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship at the University of Notre Dame.

The program is seeking the best and brightest—and most innovative—STEM students from Johns Hopkins University in our next cohort (beginning in late June of 2020).

ESTEEM operates on a rolling admissions calendar and we have two remaining application deadlines remaining:

  • January 26, 2020
  • March 15, 2020

Also, please note that 100% of our students are on some kind of academic scholarship, and that our average scholarship/financial aid commitment now equals $23k, up over 5x in the last six years.

Many students come into the University of Notre Dame’s ESTEEM Graduate Program feeling restless and boxed in by the career choices laid out in front of them, but full of energy to create a better world and make an impact. For this reason, ESTEEM emphasizes the action of entrepreneurship, not just the study of it. ESTEEM allows students with technical backgrounds to explore the world of business and entrepreneurship, learning how to combine their current skills with new ones to make an impact fixing things that matter.

Fixing Things That Matter

  • Linked here is a video we put together for graduation that shows just a few of the amazing projects that students from the Class of 2018 worked on during their time at ESTEEM. These companies have all found a life beyond the program and we are excited to see how continue to grow and evolve!

ESTEEM curriculum:

  • 11 months of transformative experiences
  • includes design thinking, customer validation, financial modeling, BMC, data analysis, finance and prototyping
  • Capstone Project: go-to-market approach with ND-based research, industry-sponsored projects or Founder’s Idea

ESTEEM students:

  • 56 students in the class of 2019 from various STEM fields, including 52% women
  • 100% receive some level of scholarship award
  • average scholarship of $23k

ESTEEM graduates:

  • are changing the world at companies such as Apple, Eli Lilly, McKinsey, Walt Disney and more
  • 81% are placed at graduation; 95% @ 90 days from grad
  • 1 in 4 alums are in startups; 25% as founders or co-founders (including Enlighten Mobility, founded by Marissa Koscielski, ESTEEM 2018)