Lab Manager, Duke

Posted: February 8, 2019

The Bergelson Lab at Duke, a federally funded lab in Duke’s Psychology & Neuroscience department, is looking to hire an excited, competent, and detail-oriented recent graduate to be an active member of our research team. The lab’s focus is on language development, and in particular, on how word learning interfaces with other levels of linguistic representation, and other dimensions of cognitive and social development. We are part of Duke CHILD Studies.

The lab manager position entails working with families, infants, and toddlers, and a team of researchers from the undergraduate to postdoctoral level.

The lab manager’s duties will include:

  • * managing a team of RAs conducting annotations of home recordings on the SEEDLingS Corpus
  • * scheduling and running in-lab eyetracking and discrimination experiments with infants and adults ,
  • * data processing, coding, and analysis,
  • * vocabulary assessment and other cognitive development measures,
  • * miscellaneous aspects of project and lab upkeep.
  • * writing and maintaining project & lab documentation & calendars

This would be an excellent position for someone looking for research experience with infants and families, in visual, environmental, social, and linguistic aspects of cognitive development.

The lab manager’s contribution would potentially lead to authorship on papers published from the results of these data, and hands-on involvement in the nuts-and-bolts of research in cognitive development.


  • * BA or BS in psychology, cognitive science, linguistics, or a related field
    * strong independent work ethic
  • * previous research experience in a psych, cogsci, linguistics, or related research lab
  • * Ability to manage deadlines and thrive in a fast-paced working environment
  • * Feeling comfortable interacting with infants and families
  • * Ability to troubleshoot and learn software and scripting methods on-the-job

Other desiderata:

  • * experience with audio, video, and image file manipulation
  • * basic programming skills (e.g. Python and R),
  • * experience interacting with infants and families
  • * eyetracking experience (desired but not required)

The position begins Early Summer 2019. This is a one year position, with the possibility of extension.

Applicants should send a CV (which includes GPA, relevant course and research experience, and references) and a cover letter to with the title “Bergelson Lab Manager Position”.

Applications are due 3/15, with the goal of hiring the best candidate by the end of April for an early summer start date.