Monica Lopez-Gonzalez

Dr. Lopez-Gonzalez’s research interests lie at the nexus of human creativity and general intelligence, artificial intelligence, and society. For Dr. Lopez-Gonzalez, building an interactive human-centric relationship with technology is critical for an ethical and sustainable future with autonomous, intelligent systems. The core of her work lies in mapping out the cognitive behavioral and neural correlates of how humans seamlessly adapt to multisensory, multi-agent environments. Using an interdisciplinary approach that merges questions, theory, methods, data, and experiences from both the Brain and Cognitive Sciences and the Arts, Dr. Lopez-Gonzalez is identifying the fundamental and nuanced roles of emotion, knowledge, and cognitive plasticity within real-time improvisatory and collaborative problem solving, decision-making, and action behaviors. Her work focuses on four applied domains: human-like automation (e.g. robotics), interdisciplinary Science-Art education (e.g. medical humanities), patient-centric digital app engagement in healthcare (e.g. brain disorders), and end user information technology education (e.g. data privacy and safety).

  • AS.145.105 Freshman Seminar: Minds and Machines (KSAS)
  • AS.360.100 Neuroscience Applied: Designing and Communicating Theory and Research (KSAS Summer)
  • AS.360.116 Neuroscience Applied - The Brain & Creativity (KSAS Summer)
  • AS.376.371 Intro to Music Cognition I & II (Peabody @ Homewood)
  • AS.376.372 Topics in Music Cognition (Peabody @ Homewood)
  • AS.470.636 Cognitive Behavioral Foundations for Artificial Intelligence (AAP)
  • PY.610.637 Topics in Music Cognition I (Peabody)
  • PY.610.638 Topics in Music Cognition II (Peabody)