Natalie Moss

Junior Lecturer/Professional TA

Krieger 133
SP20 Office Hours: M/W 3-5 pm

Biography not available. See 'Teaching' tab for list of course for which Ms. Moss is a TA.

Spring 2020 TA courses: 

  • AS.050.116 Visual Cognition (Dr. Isik)
  • AS.050.203 Neuroscience: Cognitive (Drs. Rapp & Bonner)
  • AS.050.315 Cognitive Neuropsychology of Visual Perception (Dr. McCloskey)
  • AS.050.339/639 Cognitive Development (Dr. Yarmolinskaya)

Fall 2019 TA courses: 

  • AS.050.105 Introduction to Cognitive Neuropsychology (Dr. McCloskey)
  • AS.050.346 Decoding the Brain (Dr. Tao)
  • AS.050.332/632 Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience (Dr. Landau)