Colin Wilson

Associate Professor;
Director of Undergraduate Studies

Krieger 247 | Krieger 138 (lab)
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Research interests

  • Theoretical phonology - phonotactics, constraint learning and interaction
  • Experimental phonology/phonetics - cross-language perception and production, artificial grammar, naturalness
  • Computational cognitive science - probabilistic models of phonology, spatial language, and visual working memory
  • AS.050.101 Cognition
  • AS.050.102 Language and Mind
  • AS.050.371/671 Bayesian Inference
  • AS.050.325/625 Phonology I
  • AS.050.327/627 Phonology II
  • AS.050.823. Research Seminar in Phonology
  • AS.050.826 Research Seminar in Formal Approaches to Cognitive Science


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E Chodroff, C Wilson
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Systematic feature variation underlies adults’ and children’s use of in and on
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