Graduate Students

  • Suhas Arehalli

    Suhas Arehalli

    Research Interests:  Computational linguistics, psycholinguistics, language processing, mental representations of language

  • Zirui Chen

    Zirui Chen

    Research Interests:  cognitive neuroscience, visual perception, computational modeling, fMRI

  • Kathy Garcia

    Kathy Garcia

    Research Interests:  Computational cognitive neuroscience, visual perception

  • Raj Magesh Gauthaman

    Raj Magesh Gauthaman

    Research Interests:  Visual perception, computational models of neural systems, psychophysics, fMRI

  • Ata Kolday

    Ata Kolday (he/him)

    Research Interests:  Developmental dysgraphia

  • Jane Li

    Jane Li

    Research Interests:  Psycholinguistics, computational morpho-phonology, lexical access in speech production

  • Manasi Malik

    Manasi Malik (she/her/hers)

    Research Interests:  Cognitive neuroscience, social cognition, brain networks, computational modelling

  • Taylor Martinez

    Taylor Martinez (she/her)

    Research Interests:  Psycholinguistics, event cognition, perspective-taking, and spatial language

  • Emalie McMahon

    Emalie McMahon (she/her)

    Research Interests:  Cognitive neuroscience, visual perception

  • Karl Mulligan

    Karl Mulligan

    Research Interests:  Natural language processing, learnability, syntax-semantics interface, pragmatics, numerical cognition, spatial cognition

  • Rennie Pasquinelli

    Rennie Pasquinelli (she/her)

    Research Interests:  Cognitive development, atypical cognition, the relationship between memory and language

  • Hannah Small

    Hannah Small

    Research Interests:  Cognitive neuroscience, dynamics of social perception, cortical organization, computational modeling

  • Paul Soulos

    Paul Soulos

    Research Interests:  Computational modeling, neural implementation of structure, probabilistic models of cognition

  • Natalia Talmina

    Natalia Talmina (she/her/hers)

    Research Interests:  Semantics and pragmatics, mapping between semantic and conceptual knowledge, spatial language, spatial cognition

  • Keaton Townley

    Keaton Townley

    Research Interests:  Representations, visual perception, computational cognitive neuroscience, foundations of cognitive science, AI

  • Angela Xu

    Angela Xu

    Research Interests:  Theoretical, experimental, and computational phonology, morphology, phonetics-phonology interface, psycholinguistics, and fieldwork

  • Alan Zhou

    Alan Zhou

    Research Interests:  computational linguistics, psycholinguistics, representation in neural systems, computational modelling