Room Policies & Resources

Department members and approved individuals may use the CogSci Room Calendar to request use of a Department of Cognitive Science room or resource.

If you fall into one of the following categories, do not use the below CogSci Room/Resource Calendar; instead, contact Chamera Sampson directly with your request.

  1. You are a department member and you want to schedule a room outside of the department.
  2. You are a department member who wishes to access lab parking schedules.
  3. You are not a department member and wish to request a departmental room and do not have explicit approval to use this tool.
  • Krieger 111 Classroom: Seats 50 auditorium-style and has a white board, a mounted projector, podium with VGA and HDMI cables, built-in speakers, a projector screen, and document camera.
  • Krieger 134A Classroom: Seats 25 lecture-style. Seats 18 discussion-style. Chairs and rolling tables can be reconfigured. It has multiple white boards; a dedicated A/V cart with projector, VGA and HDMI cables, external speakers; and two projector screens on different walls.
  • Krieger 234A Lab/Library: Seats 4 at a small table and has a white board. There are also two testing rooms. This is Dr. Paul Smolensky‘s IGERT Lab/Library. Staff have permission to vet and approve reservations of this room.
  • Krieger 234C Seminar Room: Seats 12 at a table. Some additional seating at the periphery. It has white boards, a mounted projector with an HDMI cable, and projector screen. Capable of videoconferencing. Videoconference instructions provided in room. Inquire with for tech support.
  • Portable Projector: Reserved by department members only. Please inquire with the office staff on access and use guidelines.
  • Shared Testing Rooms & Parking: Reserved by department members and undergraduate cognitive science researchers only. Please inquire with the office staff on access and use guidelines.┬áSubject names may NOT be identified in requests; if included, the request will be rejected or amended.

Business Travel & Expense Policies & Resources

The below resources are intended to assist the Department of Cognitive Science members with business purchases and travel arrangements in compliance with University, divisional, and departmental policies.

Expense Policies

To use these resources effectively: First, read the JHU policy on the business expense topic(s) of interest. Then, reference the KSAS Supplement to determine whether divisional policy is more restrictive on the business expense topic(s) of interest.

Resources for Booking Travel

  • JH Travel Resources: Includes travel alerts, booking travel (Concur, TripLink), preferred vendors at negotiated rates, materials for safe and secure travel, FAQs, etc.
  • KSAS Grad & Postdoc Travel Resources: Before travel, consider a few administrative, health, and safety issues before leaving the country.

CogSci PhD Student Travel/Research Policy