To receive Honors in Cognitive Science, graduating students must have a major GPA of 3.5 or higher. Graduating students will receive a major GPA calculation worksheet from the department in their last semester. The worksheet must be completed and submitted to the department’s Director of Undergraduate Studies‘s in a timely manner for review and approval. Only courses directly applied to a student’s cognitive science major, including math and foreign language courses, are included in the major GPA calculation. If the major GPA requirement is met, departmental honors will appear in the student’s transcript and will be indicated in that year’s Commencement program.

Questions may be directed to Dr. Colin Wilson or the academic coordinator

Glushko Outstanding Undergraduate Cognitive Scientist Prize

Each year, faculty members nominate a graduating cognitive science major with the strongest combination of:

  • academic excellence
  • sustained and outstanding involvement in research (typically involving two or more semesters devoted to a single project)
  • significant contribution to the undergraduate environment of the JHU Cognitive Science Department (e.g., service to Omega Psi), including contributing to diversity and inclusiveness of the program in any respect
  • involvement in increasing awareness of cognitive science at JHU and beyond

The award, established in 2022, includes a monetary prize. The student is also acknowledged in the Commencement program.

The prize is named after Robert J. Glushko, an information management scientist, entrepreneur, consultant, author, educator, and pioneer in the commercialization of XML. Dr. Glushko is an Adjunct Professor of information systems and Director of the Center for Document Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley. He spent 25 years in research and industry, and now balances his role at Deem, a platform for the business travel industry, with work at Berkeley.

Glushko Prize Recipients

2024Coming Soon!
2023Zihan WangCharacterizing Complex Spatial Skills: Block Building in Children as An Exemplar Domain – JHED required
2022Carol Lu and Shreya Wadhwa

Excellence in Cognitive Science Award

Prior to creation of the Glushko Prize, the faculty would annually name a graduating cognitive science major with the strongest combination of academic excellence and outstanding accomplishments in research for the Excellence in Cognitive Science Award.

Excellence in Cognitive Science Award Recipients

2020Kiley McKee
2019Kimberly Wong and Mingyu Yang
2018Arunima Vijay
2017Ioana Grosu
2016Chloe Haviland
2015Jorge Menendez
2014Malinda McPherson
2013Ryan Coterell
2012Amy Babay
2011Jonathan Charny