Job & Research Opportunities

This is a selective list of opportunities that cognitive science and linguistics students may find of interest. Students should also expand their search through the Life Design Lab, URSCA, and more.

Undergraduates may receive credit for on- or off-campus independent academic work (IAW) OR be paid, but not both. Students may earn up to 3 IAW credits per term and up to 6 IAW credits per year (40 hours of work = 1 credit). What are the rules for IAW and how do I register for credit?

Finding & Funding Research or Internships

Finding the right IAW position can be hard work. Online resources, hands-on support, and even funding opportunities are readily available through these offices to help guide students through the process. HOUR provides a particularly helpful guide on how to seek out and secure research positions.




  • Summer Undergrad RA, Landau Lab, JHU

    Posted: April 19, 2023

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    The Language and Cognition Lab is looking for a research assistant (RA) to work on a project with PhD student Rennie Pasquinelli this summer (2023)! The position is for credit and will require the RA to be on campus during the summer. It will involve assisting in data collection and analysis (especially transcribing audio) for a project involving language production in children and people with Williams syndrome. The position would also involve exposure to related literature. The ideal candidate will be a Cognitive Science or Psychological & Brain Sciences major who has taken at least one language-specific class and has experience with Excel and Qualtrics. If interested, please send your information and qualifications to Rennie Pasquinelli (she/her) at

  • Summer/Fall Undergrad RA, Isik Lab, JHU

    Posted: April 17, 2023

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    The Isik lab is seeking an undergraduate RA for summer (and optionally fall) 2023 to assist with two projects investigating the spatiotemporal dynamics of social processing in the human brain. One of the primary responsibilities will be assisting with EEG data collection. Additional responsibilities may also include helping with the analysis of EEG or human intracranial data. Interested candidates should email Prof Isik ( their resume or CV and/or a brief description of their interest and experience.

  • RAships in Cognitive Science at JHU

    Posted: October 12, 2021

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    The Cognitive Science department at Johns Hopkins is committed to an inclusive environment where undergraduate students can receive research experience to explore careers in Cognitive Science. There are opportunities available to perform research for credit, as well as grants available to support research as a paid job. Many professors are actively seeking research assistants. Sometimes opportunities may be posted on this webpage, a lab site, or on ForagerOne. Even if a faculty of interest has not actively posted about an RA position, students are encouraged to contact them to inquire about potential research positions. HOUR provides a very helpful ‘how-to’ for this.

    Further down the road, if you enjoyed the research, consider applying to graduate school to study Cognitive Science or related topics. Pursuing a PhD is more like a job than being an undergraduate student: PhD programs often pay a full-time stipend and health benefits to support you as you take ownership of a research topic. People come to graduate school from a variety of backgrounds. Advanced degrees in Cognitive Science can lead to careers within or outside of academia. For example, some of our alumni currently work at NASA as a Technical Writer, at Apple as a Research Engineer, at various organizations as research scientists, and more. Talk to your advisor, another professor, or a graduate student for advice on applying to graduate programs.