This is a selective list of opportunities that cognitive science and linguistics students may find of interest. Students should also expand their search through the Life Design Lab, URSCA, and more.

Undergraduates may receive credit for on- or off-campus independent academic work (IAW) OR be paid, but not both. Students may earn up to 3 IAW credits per term and up to 6 IAW credits per year (40 hours of work = 1 credit). What are the rules for IAW and how do I register for credit?

Finding & Funding Research or Internships

Finding the right IAW position can be hard work. Online resources, hands-on support, and even funding opportunities are readily available through these offices to help guide students through the process. HOUR provides a particularly helpful guide on how to seek out and secure research positions.


Contact the academic program coordinator to request a bulletin on this page. Post jobs/internships with the Life Design Lab to reach a larger student population.

Hopkins Researchers

Faculty may publicize student research positions and manage applications using HOUR’s ForagerOne platform.


Graduate Programs