The department provides competitive levels of funding for PhD students. This funding includes full tuition, student health insurance coverage, and a 12-month stipend. PhD students are also given access to an annual travel/research allowance for eligible expenses. Assuming satisfactory progress toward the Ph.D. degree and continued funding levels, PhD students may expect this support to continue for five years (10 semesters)

During the five years of support, graduate students are expected to dedicate their full time and attention to coursework, teaching, research, etc. within the Department of Cognitive Science. Additionally, they are expected to apply for any outside funding (e.g. NSF fellowship, etc.) for which they are eligible as early as their first semester. Students who receive external funding are to report this information to the Chair and administrative staff to work out an overall package.

Students may not ‘defer’ departmental funding if they receive a external funding in years 1-5. Beyond the fifth year students are responsible for nonresident tuition and student health insurance premiums.

Funding Opportunities

The below lists are not exhaustive, but serve as a jumping-off point. Students should seek support and advice from their advisors when writing an application. Additional assistance is offered by the National Fellowships Program, Professional Development and Career Office, and Center for Teaching Excellence and Innovation, which have resources and workshops to help you write your best fellowship/grant applications.

At Johns Hopkins

Outside Johns Hopkins