Here are some of the many extraordinary alumni of Johns Hopkins University’s Department of Cognitive Science graduate programs, in their own words.

To see a complete list of our alumni, initial positions, and current positions, please visit our PhD Alumni or MA Alumni pages.

Charley Beller, PhD 2013

Current Position: Principal Data Scientist & Natural Language Processing Lead; Manager, Customer Care Elite, IBM

The training and mentoring I received were crucial to my scientific development; especially the department's commitment to equipping students with foundational mathematical and philosophical tools

Eleanor Chodroff, PhD 2017

Current Position:  Assistant Professor, Department of Computational Linguistics, University of Zürich

The training I received in the Cognitive Science program at JHU has given me an invaluable foundation for my development as a linguist and cognitive scientist

Jennifer Culbertson, PhD 2010

Current Position: Professor & Director of the Centre for Language Evolution, Dept of Linguistics & English Language, Univ. of Edinburgh

Going with cognitive science rather than traditional linguistics was one of the best decisions I ever made

Jeongho Park, PhD 2018

Current Position: Research Associate, Department of Psychology, Harvard University

I learned how to approach research questions from diverse theoretical perspectives and think about them critically

Simon Fischer-Baum, PhD 2011

Current Position: Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, Rice University

CogSci at Johns Hopkins taught me how to be interdisciplinary, how to be a cognitive scientist

Teresa Schubert, PhD 2015

Current Position: Senior Editor, Springer Nature Group

The graduate training I received in the CogSci department at Hopkins gave me a strong theoretical basis for my research