Here are some of our extraordinary undergraduate students and alumni.

Carol Lu

Class of 2022

Internship RA, Boston College Morality Lab

I am working with Liane Young at the Boston College Morality Lab studying prosocial behavior and decision-making with postdoctoral fellow Gordon Kraft-Todd

Jiayu Shao

Class of: 2021

Internship: NIH Postbac IRTA

Over the next two years, I will be conducting research in scene and abstract concept representation. My experiences from working in Dr. Bonner’s lab have proved invaluable in my new role at the NIH. I am truly grateful for the excellent mentorship I was able to receive during my time there.

Neha Nandiwada

Class of: 2023

Internship Google STEP

Thanks to Prof. Bonner and Dr. Magri's training and mentorship, I am working at Google as a STEP intern[...]. I'm excited to apply the technical and problem-solving skills I've learned in the Bonner Lab to my internship!

Shreya Wadhwa

Class of: 2023

Internship: Google STEP

This summer, I will be working as a Google STEP Intern on the Geo Team! Working in the [Bonner] lab has taught me a lot, and the interpersonal and technical skills that I have acquired have been an invaluable asset for my internship!