Linguistics Minor

Declaring a Minor

To declare a linguistics minor, email Dr. Colin Wilson, Director of Undergraduate Studies, to make an appointment. Please bring a declaration of minor slip with you. These can be obtained in the Office of the Registrar or Office of Academic Advising in Garland Hall. Students intending to minor in linguistics should declare their intention preferably by the beginning of their junior year.

Linguistics Minor Requirements

Undergraduates in any major can minor in linguistics. Cognitive science majors may minor in linguistics only if linguistics is not one of their two focal areas.

Refer to the Academic Catalog for the formal and current listing of minor requirements. A summary is presented below.

  • One foreign language through the intermediate level OR two foreign languages at the elementary level
  • Six courses in linguistics that fall under the linguistics focal area
    • Four of these must be at the 300-level or above, excluding research and readings.
  • Receive a C- or better for all coursework taken to satisfy linguistics minor requirements.

Learn more about linguistics research in the Department of Cognitive Science at Johns Hopkins.