MA Sample Program

The MA program is a full-calendar-year program. Below is an approximation of a typical course schedule for a student beginning in the summer term.

TermResearch TrackCourse Track
Summer- Research in CogSci
- Responsible Conduct of Research
- Directed Readings in CogSci
- Responsible Conduct of Research
Fall- Research in CogSci
- A formal methods or statistics course
- One 600-level or above course
- One 800-level research seminar
- One 800-level research seminar
- Four 600-level or above courses*
Intersession- Research in CogSci- Research in CogSci
Spring- Research in CogSci
- Two 600-level or above courses
- One 800-level research seminar
- Research paper and oral defense
- Research in CogSci
- Three 600-level or above courses*
- One 800-level research seminar
- Portfolio and oral presentation
*Up to three courses may be substituted by 300/400-level courses with a mentor’s written permission.

Aside from RCR, cognitive science research, and cognitive science readings, MA students should not register for other courses during the Summer and Intersession unless they are prepared to pay the full tuition expense incurred by those courses.