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  • faculty

  • Géraldine Legendre

    Professor & Chair

    PhD, University of California San Diego
    • 410-516-5331 | 410-516-3334 (lab)
    • Krieger 249 | 230 (lab)
    • Group/Lab Website
    • Research Interests: Adult and child syntax; Optimality Theory; models of the interfaces; cross-linguistic variation
  • Mick Bonner

    Assistant Professor
    Colloquium Chair

    PhD, University of Pennsylvania
    • Krieger 153 | 107 (lab)
    • Group/Lab Website
    • Research Interests: Cognitive neuroscience, computational neuroscience, vision, semantic memory, navigation, machine learning, artificial intelligence, neural networks, statistical modeling of neural representations
  • Leyla Isik

    Clare Boothe Luce Assistant Professor
    Brown Bag Talk Coordinator

    PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    • Krieger 151 | 119 (lab)
    • Group/Lab Website
    • Research Interests: Computational cognitive neuroscience, vision, social perception, neural networks
  • Barbara Landau

    Dick and Lydia Todd Professor

    PhD, University of Pennsylvania
    • 410-516-5255 | 410-516-4087 (lab)
    • Krieger 241A | 231 (lab)
    • Group/Lab Website
    • Research Interests: Human knowledge of language and space, typical and atypical development
  • Michael McCloskey

    Homewood IRB Chair

    PhD, Princeton University
  • Brenda Rapp

    Director of Graduate Admissions
    Director of Internships & Community-Based Learning

    PhD, Johns Hopkins University
    • 410-516-5248 | 410-516-5244 (lab)
    • Krieger 135 | 131C (lab)
    • Group/Lab Website
    • Research Interests: Cognitive neuropsychology, attention, reading and writing
  • Kyle Rawlins

    Associate Professor
    Director of Graduate Studies

    PhD, University of California Santa Cruz
    • 410-516-5330
    • Krieger 149 | 105 (lab)
    • Group/Lab Website
    • Research Interests: Formal semantics, pragmatics, syntax, and the interfaces of these areas, computational semantics, philosophy of language.
  • Paul Smolensky

    Krieger-Eisenhower Professor

    PhD, Indiana University
    • 410-516-5331
    • Krieger 241B
    • Research Interests: Universal grammar in Optimality Theory, integration of connectionist ('neural') and symbolic computation: computational, linguistic, and philosophical issues
  • Colin Wilson

    Director of Undergraduate Studies

    PhD, Johns Hopkins University
    • 410-516-5331
    • Krieger 247 | 138 (lab)
    • Research Interests: Theoretical and experimental phonology, phonetics, cross-language perception and production, computational modeling
  • Alan Yuille

    Bloomberg Distinguished Professor

    PhD, University of Cambridge
    • 410-516-6759
    • Clark 324B | Krieger 147 (lab)
    • Group/Lab Website
    • Research Interests: Computational models of vision, mathematical models of cognition, and artificial intelligence and neural networks
  • lecturers

  • Uyen Le

    Junior Lecturer/Professional TA

  • Monica Lopez-Gonzalez

    Senior Lecturer

    • Research Interests: Human creativity and general intelligence, artificial intelligence, and society
  • Julia Yarmolinskaya

    Senior Lecturer

  • professor emeriti

  • Luigi Burzio

    Professor Emeritus

    • Research Interests: Theoretical phonology, morphology, and syntax; romance linguistics
  • secondary faculty appointments

  • Marina Bedny

    Associate Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences

    • Research Interests: Brain development and plasticity, cognitive neuroscience, concepts
  • Justin Bledin

    Assistant Professor, Philosophy

    • Research Interests: Logic, philosophy of language (esp. formal semantics), epistemology
  • Howard Egeth

    Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences

    • Research Interests: Perception, attention
  • Lisa Feigenson

    Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences

    • Research Interests: Cognitive development
  • Chaz Firestone

    Assistant Professor, Psychological & Brain Sciences

    • Research Interests: Perception, attention, visual cognition, foundations of cognitive science
  • Jonathan Flombaum

    Associate Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences

    • Research Interests: Visual perception, attention, cognition
  • Steven Gross

    Professor, Philosophy

    Foundations of Mind Group
    • Research Interests: Philosophy of language, philosophy of mind, metaphysics
  • Justin Halberda

    Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences

    • Research Interests: Cognitive and developmental psychology
  • joint faculty appointments

  • Dana Boatman

    Professor, School of Medicine, Neurology and Neurosurgery

    • Research Interests: Speech perception, auditory processing disorders, auditory neurophysiology
  • John E. Desmond

    Professor, School of Medicine, Neurology and Neurosurgery

    • Research Interests: Neuroimaging, transcranial magnetic stimulation methods to investigate neural correlates of behavior
  • Jason Eisner

    Professor, Whiting School of Engineering, Computer Science

    • Research Interests: Computational linguistics, natural language processing, statistical machine learning
  • Barry Gordon

    Professor, School of Medicine, Neurology and Neurosurgery

    • Research Interests: Cognitive neurology, cognitive neuroscience, language, aphasia, memory, amnesia, and memory disorders, autism, computational models of cognition
  • Argye Hillis

    Professor, School of Medicine, Neurology and Neurosurgery

    • Research Interests: Language impairments in acute stroke, hemispatial neglect after stroke, relationship between cognitive impairments and regions of hypoperfused brain
  • Kyrana Tsapkini

    Associate Professor, Neurology, School of Medicine

    • Research Interests: language--combining cognitive science, psychology, neural science approaches
  • Benjamin Van Durme

    Associate Professor, Whiting School of Engineering, Computer Science

    • Research Interests: Natural language processing, specifically semantics; streaming/randomized algorithms
  • other appointments

  • Jennifer Culbertson

    Adjunct Associate Professor (Reader, University of Edinburgh)

    • Research Interests: Language acquisition; language change; linguistic typology and universals; theoretical syntax and morphology; computational models of language learning and change; artificial language learning and grammaticality judgments
  • Eric Elmoznino

    Visiting Scholar (Data Science Instructor, Lighthouse Labs)

    • Research Interests: Information representation and algorithms in the visual system
  • Katrina Ferrara

    Visiting Scholar (Postdoctoral Fellow, Georgetown University)

    • Research Interests: understanding how the mind makes sense of the spatial world around us
  • Kelly Fisher

    Adjunct Associate Research Scientist (Senior Executive Strategic Advisor, Science of Learning Institute)

    • Krieger 168
    • Research Interests: Developmental science, industrial-organizational psychology, education, and public policy
  • Kristin Gagnier

    Assistant Research Scientist (Outreach and Evaluation Specialist, Science of Learning Institute)

    • Krieger 167
    • Research Interests: interdisciplinary training in connecting cognitive science research to education practices
  • Emma Gregory

    Visiting Scholar (Research Scientist, General Dynamics Information Technology)

    • Research Interests: Cognition and its application to educational practices
  • Steven Holochwost

    Research Scientist (Science of Learning Institute/School of Education)

    • Research Interests: Early childhood self-regulation, neurophysiological development, arts education, early childhood education
  • Tal Linzen

    Visiting Assistant Research Professor (Assistant Professor, NYU)

    • Research Interests: Computational models of language acquisition and comprehension, human sentence processing
  • Bonnie Nozari

    Adjunct Associate Professor (Associate Professor, Carnegie Mellon University)

    • Research Interests: Language production and executive control
  • Soojin Park

    Adjunct Associate Professor (Yonsei University)

    • Research Interests: Visual scene perception and memory using behavioral and neuroimaging (fMRI) methods
  • Jeremy Purcell

    Adjunct Assistant Research Scientist (Faulty Research Scientist, University of Maryland)

    • Research Interests: Written language representation and brain injury
  • Robert Wiley

    Adjunct Assistant Professor (Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina Greensboro)

    • Research Interests: Cognitive science and education, mental representation and learning, neural plasticity, second language acquisition
  • postdoctoral fellows

  • Emory Davis

    Language and Cognition Lab (Landau Lab) & Spatial Cognition Lab (Shelton Lab)

    • Krieger 231E
    • Research Interests: Role of language in cognitive development; understanding of abstract concepts; mental/ attitude verbs
  • Diana Dima

    Computational Cognitive Neuroscience Lab (Isik Lab)

  • Alon Hafri

    Cognitive Neuroscience and Machine Learning Lab (Bonner Lab) & Perception and Mind Lab (Firestone Lab)

    • 410-516-2494
    • Krieger 107 / Ames 101
    • Research Interests: Scene perception, event cognition, psycholinguistics
  • Haemy Lee Masson

    Computational Cognitive Neuroscience Lab (Isik Lab)

    • Krieger 119
    • Research Interests: Social cognition, Computational models of social scene perception, Social impairments in autism
  • Caterina Magri

    Cognitive Neuroscience and Machine Learning Lab (Bonner Lab)

  • Yuan Tao

    Cognitive & Brain Sciences Lab (Rapp Lab)

    • 410-516-5244
    • Krieger 133
    • Research Interests: Reading and writing, aphasia recovery, statistical machine learning
  • administrative staff

  • Peggy MacKenzie

    Department Administrator

  • Sarah Ciotola

    Academic Program Coordinator

  • Sue Potterfield

    Budget Analyst

  • Tony Placilla

    IT Manager - CogSci IT & Computational Support

    To submit an IT Ticket Request, email
  • Brance Amussen

    LAN Administrator III - Secondary CogSci IT Support

    To submit an IT Ticket Request, email
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