MA Alumni

Alumni information is updated on an annual basis. If you have updated information on one or more of the alumni below, please contact Sarah Ciotola.

MA Alumni Placement

Below are the first destinations and current positions of MA alumni who elected to have their information shared on our website. A complete list of all MA alumni is located toward the bottom of this page.

Faculty Mentor(s)Initial Position
Last Known Position
Lin, Feikai2020CourseMichael BonnerResearch Assist., Institute of Neuroscience, ChineseAcademy of Science (Shanghai)Same
Min, Junghyun2020ResearchTal LinzenResearch Engineer, NCSOFTSame
Nicholson, Gemma2020CourseLeyla IsikSenior Research Analyst, Allegiant DefenseSame
Elmoznino, Eric2020CourseMichael BonnerData Science Instructor,
Lighthouse Labs
Soulos, Paul2020ResearchPaul SmolenskyPhD Student, Dept of Cognitive Science, Johns Hopkins UniversitySame
Adams, Luke2019ResearchBrenda Rapp,
Argye Hillis
Research Program Coord., Acute and Chronic Care,
Johns Hopkins School of Nursing
Chen, Wenjia (Karen)2019CourseMichael McCloskeyAssociate, PricewaterhouseCoopers (China)Same
Sanghavi, Sachi2018ResearchMichael McCloskeyTechnical Associate, McGovern Institute for Brain Research, MITSame
2016CourseAkira OmakiNeuroscience Research Manager, SPARK NeuroDirector of Research, SPARK Neuro
Ruu Harn (Annie)
2016ResearchSoojin ParkResearch Assist., Visual Cognitive Neuroscience Lab, Dept of Cognitive Science, JHUPhD Student, Dept of Psychology, Emory College
2016ResearchMichael McCloskey, Brenda RappResearch Assist., Language Production & Executive Control Lab, Dept of Neurology, Johns Hopkins School of MedicinePhD Student, Dept of Psychology, Carnegie Mellon University
2016CourseBrenda RappResearch Assist., Neuroplasticity & Development Lab, Dept of Psychological & Brain Sciences, JHU PhD Student, Institute of Psychology, Hamburg University
2014CourseMichael McCloskeyFellow, Entwine Service CorpSenior Product Specialist, Pilot

All MA Alumni

This is a comprehensive list of all MA alumni of our program, ordered by the year of their degree conferral.

Graduation YearName
2020Jacobs, Emily
2020Lin, Feikai
2020Min, Junghyun
2020Nicholson, Gemma
2020Eric Elmoznino
2020Kevin Tjokro
2020 Paul Soulos
2019Nicole Dickerson
2019Ayushi Pandey
2019Lucas Adams
2019Wenjia Chen
2018Sachi Sanghavi
2017Miles Hatfield
2016Aaron Apple
2016Nicholas Becker
2016Ruu Harn (Annie) Cheng
2016Christopher Hepner
2016Rashi Pant
2016MacKenzie Young
2015Dee Ann Reisinger
2014Eta Flamholz
2014Miles Hatfield
2012Catherine Chambers
2011Ian Coffman
2009Marieke Obdeyn
2009Michael Oliver
2008David Taylor
2008Fe Vivas
2005Rebecca Morley
2005Ehren Reilly
2004Delia Hom
2004Rebecca Piorkowski
2004Oren Shwartz
2004Benjamin Slade
2004Niki Tantalou
2004Jussi Valtonen
2002Uyen Le
2001Yi-Ching Su
2000Nathan Greenslit
2000Diana Schenck
1999Brian Glucroft
1999Marina Todorova
1998Edith Boteler
1997Rebecca Hoag
1996Amy GoldSchlager
1995Cynthia Paltan
1995Anna Lindemann
1993Thomas Hicks