Géraldine Legendre

Director of Graduate Admissions

Krieger 249 | Krieger 230 (lab)
On leave 2015-2016
410-516-5331 | 410-516-3334 (lab)
Curriculum Vitae
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Research Interests
  • Adult and child (morpho-)syntax
  • Role of optimization in formal models of variation; Optimality Theory in syntax and acquisition of syntax
  • Models of the interfaces: Mappings between lexical semantics and syntax, syntax and prosody, and information structure and syntax
  • Cross-linguistic variation in syntax and morphology (with a particular focus on clitics and related topics in French, Romance, and Balkan languages)
  • General cognitive architecture underlying the language faculty

050.240            The World of Language (introduction to linguistics with fieldwork)
050.227/427    Topics in the History of the Romance Languages
050.320/620   Syntax I: GB
050.321/621    Syntax II: OT Syntax
050.817             Research Seminar in Semantics
050.818             AcqLab Research Seminar
050.821             Sentence++ Research Seminar
050.822            Research Seminar in Syntax (topics vary)
050.825            Research Seminar in OT (topics vary)
050.827            Research Seminar in Acquisition (topics vary)
050.830            Topics in Cognitive Science
050.839            Research in Cognitive Science