Kyle Rawlins

Associate Professor
Director of Graduate Studies, Colloquium Planning Co-Chair; Grad Travel Chair

Krieger 149 | Krieger 105 (lab)
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Areas of interest: Formal semantics, pragmatics, syntax, and the interfaces of these fields, mathematical linguistics, philosophy of language (mainly philosophical semantics), computational semantics.

Particular topics of interest: questions/interrogatives, question-answer discourse, dynamics, conditionals and modification, regular polysemy, argument structure, large-scale experimental linguistics / crowdsourcing, computational models of the lexicon, compositionality, implementation in formal semantics.

  • AS.050.107 Language and Advertising
  • AS.050.317/050.617 Semantics I
  • AS.050.322/050.622 Semantics II
  • AS.050.370/050.670 Mathematical Models of Language
  • AS.050.321/050.621 Syntax II
  • AS.050.817 Research Seminar in Semantics
  • EN.600.625 Event semantics in theory and practice (co-taught with Benjamin Van Durme)

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AS White, K Rawlins, B Van Durme
The Semantic Proto-Role Linking Model
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K Rawlins
Italian negation in ‘Mica’questions and assertions

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K Rawlins
Aboutness and attitudes
unpublished ms, 2014

K Rawlins
(Un) conditionals
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K Rawlins
Computational Semantics Information

K Rawlins
On adverbs of (space and) time
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Workshop on the Syntax of Answers to Polar Questions, Newcastle University, 2012

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