The department provides competitive levels of funding for PhD students, covering tuition and living expenses. Research expenses, including some support for travel to present papers at scholarly meetings, are also provided. If a student remains in academic good standing, funding is extended for up to five years of total support.

As funded entities, our PhD students are expected to engage in full-time research during the summer months and the January intersession in addition to their regular coursework, TA responsibilities, and participation in academic departmental talks and events.

We encourage students to apply for external graduate fellowship opportunities (e.g., NSF, NIH, DoD), and to take advantage of fellowship opportunities provided by a number of organizations (NSF, NIH, etc.) and apply for those in a timely fashion. Always verify on the relevant websites that you are eligible before proceeding. If you are an accepted incoming student or a current student that receives an external funding award, you must inform your adviser and the budget staff person in the administrative offices.

There are opportunities, specifically in the summer and intersession terms, for PhD students typically in their third year or beyond to propose and instruct or co-instruct an undergraduate course for which they receive a salary. Inquire with the Office of Summer and Intersession Programs for more information.

If a PhD student must continue past the summer of his or her fifth year in the program, he or she must obtain non-resident status. The program does not provide PhD students funding past the fifth year and students are responsible for tuition thereafter; however, tuition is reduced to 10%. Students may also apply for external funding.