Two Recent PhDs

Karen Clothier and Emory Davis finished their PhD requirements this fall! Congrats! Their degrees will be conferred in May 2020. They share in common that they were co-advised by Drs. Barbara Landau and Kyle Rawlins. Where will they go next?

Karen ClothierKaren Clothier‘s dissertation was on The Many Meanings of Many: A Pragmatic-Semantic Account of Ambiguous, Vague Quantifiers with Experimental Support. She secured a position as a Senior Analyst of Spectrum Policy and Regulations at Teltrium Solutions LLC.

Emory DavisEmory Davis’ dissertation was on Does Seeing Mean Believing? The Development of Children’s Semantic Representations for Perception Verbs. She will be a postdoctoral fellow at Johns Hopkins University working for both the Language and Cognition Lab, directed by Dr. Barbara Landau, and the School of Education’s Spatial Cognition Lab, directed by Dr. Amy Shelton.