Science of Learning Fellowship

Science of Learning Fellowship

PhD student An Nguyen was awarded a Science of Learning Fellowship for 2020-22.

The Science of Learning Institute (SLI) at Johns Hopkins is funding three such graduate fellowships, one in each the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, Department of Cognitive Science, and the Mind/Brain Institute. The fellowships reward these graduate research programs for their multidisciplinary approaches to learning and cognition. Each fellowship covers a year of stipend, tuition, and a small research/travel fund. Fellows participate in monthly training seminars.

SLI had the Department of Cognitive Science faculty nominate and select a deserving student. Selection by the faculty recognizes An’s interdisciplinary research and high level of performance in our program.

An is a highly performing and extremely diligent second-year student who has embarked on an interdisciplinary program of research in language acquisition. […] An came to our program from Truman State with strong technical skills but with no prior background in Linguistics or Language Acquisition…. Her learning curve in these new fields has been impressive and she is on her way to a genuinely interdisciplinary research agenda that fits well with the mission of SLI.  

Prof. Geraldine Legendre, Professor & Chair – advisor to An Nguyen