A Round of Applause for Recent PhD Completers

Lets take a moment to acknowledge the accomplishments of several of our PhD graduates who finished this year: Celia Litovsky, Jane Lutken, Donald Li, and Najoung Kim.

  • Celia Litovsky became a postdoctoral fellow working with in the Concepts & Cognition Laboratory at Temple University. Celia’s dissertation was on Structural Connectivity Underlying Executive Processing in Post-stroke Aphasia.
  • Jane Lutken is now a postdoctoral associate in theĀ Rutgers University Center for Cognitive Science where she will be teaching and conducting research on language and the brain. Jane’s dissertation was on Cross-Linguistic Investigations of Syntactic Creativity Errors In Children’s Wh-Questions.
  • Donald Li began a postdoctoral fellowship in our very own Cognitive Neuropsychology Lab, directed by Dr. Michael McCloskey. Donald’s dissertation was on Computational Models of Feature Representations in the Ventral Visual Stream.
  • Najoung Kim started as a Faculty Fellow in the Center for Data Science at NYU. Following that, she will go on to a tenure-track position in computational linguistics at Boston University starting in Spring 2023. Najoung’s dissertation was on Compositional Linguistic Generalization in Artificial Neural Networks.

Congratulations, doctors! We are all very proud of you and look forward to watching your promising careers unfold.

Learn more about our PhD alumni destinations after graduation here.