The Glushko Outstanding Undergraduate Cognitive Scientist Prize

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The Glushko Outstanding Undergraduate Cognitive Scientist Prize is awarded annually to the senior cognitive science major who has demonstrated the strongest combination of:

·      academic excellence

·      sustained and outstanding involvement in research (typically involving two or more semesters devoted to a single project)

·      significant contribution to the undergraduate environment of the JHU Cognitive Science Department (e.g., service to Omega Psi), including contributing to diversity and inclusiveness of the program in any respect  

·      involvement in increasing awareness of cognitive science at JHU and beyond

Robert J. Glushko is an Adjunct Professor at the School of Information Management & Systems and the Director of the Center for Document Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley. An information management scientist, entrepreneur, consultant, author, and educator, he has been a pioneer in the commercialization of XML. He spent 25 years in research and industry, and now balances his role at Deem with work at Berkeley.