The New Glushko Outstanding Undergraduate Cognitive Scientist Prize

The Glushko Outstanding Undergraduate Cognitive Scientist Prize will be awarded annually to the senior cognitive science major who has demonstrated the strongest combination of:

  • academic excellence
  • sustained and outstanding involvement in research (typically involving two or more semesters devoted to a single project)
  • significant contribution to the undergraduate environment of the JHU Cognitive Science Department (e.g., service to Omega Psi), including contributing to diversity and inclusiveness of the program in any respect  
  • involvement in increasing awareness of cognitive science at JHU and beyond

Robert J. Glushko is an Adjunct Professor at the School of Information Management & Systems and the Director of the Center for Document Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley. An information management scientist, entrepreneur, consultant, author, and educator, he has been a pioneer in the commercialization of XML. He spent 25 years in research and industry, and now balances his role at Deem with work at Berkeley.

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