Room Scheduling

To reserve a Department of Cognitive Science room, visit the link below and select the desired room from the Resource List. You will be able to view the current room schedules, submit reservation requests, and receive email updates when your requests have been approved. Only department members may make reservations in this manner. Room scheduling requests from individuals external to the department should be emailed to Sarah Ciotola.

Cognitive Science Room Scheduler

  • Krieger 111: This room seats 50 auditorium-style and possesses a white board, a mounted projector with VGA and HDMI cables, speakers and a projector screen.
  • Krieger 112: This room seats 10-12 conference-style and possesses a wall talker.
  • Krieger 134A: This room seats 25-30 classroom-style and the movable tables and chairs allow for flexible room arrangements. It has a dedicated projector on a rolling cart with VGA and HDMI cables, external speakers, and two projector screens.
  • Krieger 234A Lab/Library: This room seats 4 at a small table and has a white board. There are also two testing rooms available. The testing rooms and meeting space cannot be used at the same time. Dr. Paul Smolensky, Director of the IGERT Lab/Library, will receive a courtesy notification when a reservation is requested.
  • Krieger 234C: This room seats 10 seminar-style and possesses a dedicated projector with VGA and HDMI cables and two white boards. Videoconference- and teleconference-equipped.
  • Projectors A & B: These are portable projectors that departmental faculty, staff, and graduate students may borrow for presentations. Please inquire with the office staff as to where the equipment is located.

Department members who wish to access the scheduling platforms for our shared testing rooms or research lab parking spots not listed above, please send your request to Sarah Ciotola so that you can be directed to the appropriate person or resource.