Géraldine Legendre

Géraldine Legendre

Professor & Chair

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Research Interests: Adult and child syntax; Optimality Theory; models of the interfaces; cross-linguistic variation

Education: PhD, University of California San Diego

My research interests include adult and child (morpho-)syntax; role of optimization in formal models of variation; optimality Theory in syntax and acquisition of syntax; models of the interfaces: Mappings between lexical semantics and syntax, syntax and prosody, and information structure and syntax; cross-linguistic variation in syntax and morphology (with a particular focus on clitics and related topics in French, Romance, and Balkan languages); and general cognitive architecture underlying the language faculty.

  • 050.320/620 Syntax I
  • 050.818 AcqLab Research Seminar
  • 050.822 Research Seminar in Syntax
  • 050.827 Research Seminar in Language Acquisition
  • 050.830 Seminar on Special Topics: African American English

Selected publications

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