Kyle Rawlins

Kyle Rawlins

Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Studies

Contact Information

Research Interests: Formal semantics, pragmatics, syntax, and the interfaces of these areas, computational semantics, philosophy of language.

Education: PhD, University of California Santa Cruz

My research is in natural language semantics and pragmatics, and is often interdisciplinary work involving the integration of theoretical linguistics, computational modeling, and crowd-sourced/experimental data. My background is in linguistics and computer science, with undergraduate degrees from UMass Amherst in both fields, and a PhD in linguistics from UCSC.

Areas of interest: Formal semantics, pragmatics, syntax, and the interfaces of these fields, philosophy of language (mainly philosophical semantics), computational semantics.

Particular topics of interest: questions/interrogatives, question-answer discourse, dynamics, conditionals and modification, regular polysemy, argument structure, large-scale experimental linguistics / crowdsourcing, computational models of the lexicon, compositionality, computational implementation of formal semantics/pragmatics.

  • AS.050.107 Language and Advertising
  • AS.050.317/050.617 Semantics I
  • AS.050.322/050.622 Semantics II
  • AS.050.370/050.670 Mathematical Models of Language 
  • AS.050.817 Research Seminar in Semantics
  • EN.600.625 Event semantics in theory and practice (co-taught with Benjamin Van Durme)