Donald Li

Donald Li

Visiting Assistant Professor

Contact Information

Research Interests: Computational cognitive neuroscience, AI and neural networks, Visual perception, Reading and writing, Virtual Reality and vision

Education: PhD, Johns Hopkins University

My background is in cognitive science and engineering, with an undergraduate degree from Tsinghua University in aerospace engineering and engineering mechanics, and a PhD in Cognitive Science from Johns Hopkins University.

My primary research is in computational cognitive neuroscience and vision. The goal of my work is to understand the representation and algorithms implemented in the human mind and brain to process complex information, like natural scenes and words. By integrating neuroimaging, machine learning, behavioural and/or virtual reality (VR) techniques, my research seeks to address fundamental questions of how the brain emerge high-level concepts from visual input. 

  • AS.050.116 Visual Cognition
  • AS.050.244 Cog Neuro Lab
  • AS.050.312/612 Cognitive Neuroimaging Methods in High-Level Vision
  • AS.050.337/637 Reading the Mind: Computational Cognitive Neuroscience of Vision