Uyen Le

Junior Lecturer/Professional TA

See the Teaching tab.

Uyen Le is TAing the following courses:


  • AS.050.102 Language and Mind (Prof. Yarmolinskaya)
  • AS.050.311 Written Language: Normal Processing and Disorders (Prof. Rapp)
  • AS.050.317/617 Semantics (Prof. Rawlins)
  • AS.050.322/622 Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience (Prof. Landau)


  • AS.365.106.03 Language and Advertising (Prof. Rawlins)
  • AS.050.116 Visual Cognition (Prof. Isik)
  • AS.050.203/603 Neuroscience: Cognitive (Prof. Rapp and Prof. Bonner)
  • AS.050.325/625 Phonology (Prof. Wilson)