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Colloquium: Julia Hirschberg


How do we know who to trust? Text and Speech-based Cues in Deception Detection

Dissertation Talk: Celia Litovsky


Structural connectivity underlying executive processing in post-stroke aphasia, presented by Celia Litovsky.

Colloquium: Randi Martin


Domain-specific verbal working memory capacities and their role in language production

Brown Bag Talk: Haemy Lee Masson


Functional selectivity for naturalistic social interactions in the superior temporal sulcus

Omega Psi Conference: Foundations & History of Cognitive Science

The conference will have workshops from current graduate students on topics "Grad School: Preparing, Applying, and Surviving" and "White Matter: cognitive processes and neurodegeneration", a student poster session, and a keynote address from Dr. Paul Smolensky.

Colloquium: Rachel I. Mayberry


Maturational Limits on Language Development and Neurolinguistic Processing: Evidence for a Closing of the Critical Period for Language