Neha Nandiwada

Neha Nandiwada

Class of: 2023

Internship Google STEP

I am a rising third-year undergraduate studying Computer Science and Cognitive Science at Johns Hopkins. For the past year, I have had the privilege of working with Prof. Michael Bonner and Dr. Caterina Magri on human and machine texture perception research. We recently presented our early findings at the Vision Sciences Society 2021 conference, and I’m looking forward to seeing where our project goes in the future.

Thanks to Prof. Bonner and Dr. Magri’s training and mentorship, I am working at Google as a STEP (Student Training in Engineering Program)┬áintern on the hotel search team this summer. I’m excited to apply the technical and problem-solving skills I’ve learned in the Bonner Lab to my internship!

Posted June 21, 2021