Shreya Wadhwa

Shreya Wadhwa

Class of: 2023

Internship: Google STEP

I am a rising junior majoring in Computer Science and Cognitive Science, and I have been working as a Research Assistant in the Bonner Lab since my freshman year. Specifically, I am working with Dr. Alon Hafri and Dr. Michael F. Bonner to test how changes to mid-level statistics affect object categorization abilities. One of my projects looks at the ‘Effects of perceived scale on Boundary Transformation phenomenon’ and I recently co-authored a submission regarding the same to VSS ’21 and OPAM ’20. The second project that I am currently working on aims to alter the mid-level statistics of objects and scenes, and monitor if effects on our ability to categorize them, thus giving us insights into the categorization mechanisms in the first place.

This summer, I will be working as a Google STEP (Student Training in Engineering Program) Intern on the Geo Team! Working in the lab has taught me a lot, and the interpersonal and technical skills that I have acquired have been an invaluable asset for my internship!

Posted July 6, 2021