Jeongho Park, PhD 2018

The training I received as a graduate student in the Cognitive Science Department at JHU gave me a solid foundation for my development as a cognitive neuroscientist. Through research projects […]

Eleanor Chodroff, PhD 2017

The training I received in the Cognitive Science program at JHU has given me an invaluable foundation for my development as a linguist and cognitive scientist. In particular, the program has […]

Charley Beller, PhD 2013

I really valued being part of the JHU Cognitive Science department. The training and mentoring I received were crucial to my scientific development; especially the department’s commitment to equipping students […]

Jennifer Culbertson, PhD 2010

“Going with cognitive science rather than traditional linguistics was one of the best decisions I ever made. JHU cogsci was a wonderful place to develop as a researcher. It’s a […]

Simon Fischer-Baum, PhD 2011

Many graduate programs expose students to different research approaches and provide opportunities to collaborate with researchers across disciplinary boundaries. CogSci at Johns Hopkins taught me how to be interdisciplinary, how […]

Teresa Schubert, PhD 2015

The graduate training I received in the CogSci department at Hopkins gave me a strong theoretical basis for my research and an interdisciplinary perspective that I treasure. Through coursework, seminars, […]