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Our Summer STARs

Congratulations to cognitive science majors Delaney Ubellacker and Kim Wong for receiving STAR awards! These rising juniors will receive summer stipends to stay in Baltimore to conduct research. Delaney will work in the CogNeuro Lab with Prof. Rapp and grad student Bob Wiley. Kim will work in the Cognitive Neuroscience Lab with Prof. McCloskey.

Flipped Learning

Profs. Rapp and Park flipped their classroom and redesigned it with an active learning approach. Professors across the university are dramatically reinventing the way they teach in an effort to improve instruction and adapt to a generation raised in a wired world. For the full article, click the link above. (JHU Arts & Sciences Magazine, Spring 2017 cover story)

Prof. Wilson Receives Undergraduate Faculty Advising Award

Prof. Colin Wilson, Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Department of Cognitive Science, was conferred the 2017 Undergraduate Faculty Advising Award. This honor is given annually to a faculty member in the Krieger School who has demonstrated a dedication to undergraduates and their education through excellence in advising. Click the link above for more details.

Ioana Grosu Receives Excellence in Cognitive Science Award

Each spring, our faculty members choose a graduating cognitive science major with the strongest combination of academic excellence and outstanding accomplishments in research. This year, Ioana Grosu will receive the 2017 Excellence in Cognitive Science Award. Ioana is an exceptional student and tremendous undergraduate research assistant. Congratulations, Ioana! Click the link above for more details.

What makes a good speller (or a bad one)?

In the context of the National Spelling Bee, Brenda Rapp, lead author of the Brain study on the 'Neural bases of orthographic long-term memory and working memory in dysgraphia' explains how some people's brains retrieve words (or don't) and how we manage to get them out (or not). So what is it that separates the spelling stars from the dictionary-deficient?

Aaron White Accepts an Assistant Professorship

Aaron Steven White will soon join University of Rochester as a tenure-track Assistant Professor in the Department of Linguistics and the Goergen Institute for Data Science. Bravo, Aaron! Click the link above to read more.

Celia Litovsky Receives NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

The NSF GRF program recognizes and supports outstanding graduate students in NSF-supported STEM disciplines who are pursuing research-based graduate degrees at accredited US institutions. Celia's funded project is a cognitive neuropsychology study investigating visually guided reaching of an optic ataxia patient, advised by Dr. Michael McCloskey.

Cognitive Science Conference: Frontiers of Cognitive Science

April 1 | The JHU chapter of Omega Psi presents its second annual conference! The event features 3 speakers whose research are at the frontiers of cognitive science. Student researchers will have an opportunity to present at the conference. Attendees will be able to network with guest speakers and faculty members while enjoying good food after the event.

Rapp studies brain recovery after strokes

Prof. Rapp discusses her background and current research. Her lab primarily investigates dysgraphia, or spelling problems in stroke patients. Hopefully, the data her project has generated will allow stroke patients to receive a more personalized approach to recovery.

Omega Psi is Officially Incorporated

Omega Psi is proud to have recently achieved registered incorporation status in the State of Maryland! This is a big accomplishment. Not only does it bring them one step closer to becoming a full non-profit honor society, but it also signifies the hard work of many individuals at universities across the nation involved in Omega Psi.